My Weak Spot / by Meagan Camp

If you know me IRL then you may know my weak spot. No, it's not Deacon Claybourne, it's better. It's dumplings.

A few moons and a few boyfriends ago I made a trip to SF that was my first "adult" trip. I traveled alone, met up with friends and made my own itinerary. A friend, a very smart friend, took me to Chinatown and ran in a small bakery to order Char Siu Bao. We ate them on a picnic bench at Golden Gate Park. People were out, it was a Sunday, playing frisbee and sitting in groups with coolers and dogs. It was the first time I realized that Dallas could be a bit vacuous and no one was that interested in just being. They were always going to be shopping or indoors. 

Anyways, the dumplings were mind blowing. Now that I live in a large city, on another continent and have access to a Japantown that is legit, I'm back to my favorite thing. Dumplings, from from the grill or steamer. 



Guioza with beef

Guioza with beef

Good times in São Paulo. Visit Liberdad on Sunday mornings to see the gigantic dumplings and get a raspadinha (shaved ice).