Flirty Vegetarians / by Meagan Camp

One thing you realize right away when you take the expat leap is that people love labels. They love them. It's a deep love. It helps them create a word to either explain why you are the way you are (my fav "Ohhh, you're an American) or to create a big box for them to store you and anyone they just don't get. At times labels make sense. When you don't understand, sometimes literally, what is being said around you or the people you meet it is nice to try and relate them to something you know. I do wish that there was a less negative way to group people together. Even "expat" has a negative connotation at times. The same need arises when we talk to people about their chosen diets. When it comes to food and how others choose to feed themselves, we LOVE labels. It's a magical feeling when you can knock someone down because of what they choose to indulge in or spend their money on. Vegetarians, Vegans, Ovo-Lacto-Vegetarians, bacon only. I could go on, but you've already read about them in the latest issue of Vogue or something. Boring. Eating vegetables is fun! How about that label? 

Rant over. Here are some amazing vegetable friendly recipes that I typed up for ECLM for this month's issue. Indulge or don't. I don't care, just eat something not out of a box.