What's My By-Line? / by Meagan Camp

I've said it before, I'll say it again, I have a really cool job. The phrase "I don't know what that is let's do it!" followed by a fun few hours of running around taking photos, planning stories and making connections with other creative people is fantastic. In every issue of ECLM, we create all of the editorial based on what we think is exciting, timely and beautiful. Then we send it to the printer and it gets mailed out to 30,000 homes. Gah. It's totally intimidating right around the time we click "upload" but it is worth it. 

Here's a random collection of our most recent hits:

Shout out to Tyler-Marie//stylist and AE//Brittany McDaniel//art director//Lucy Soerens//photog 1//Hunter Holm//Photog 2