Sunny Sunday, Valentine, Honey / by Meagan Camp

A frantic finish, punctuated by challenging freelance work, all came together on January 2nd with the Home of the Year 2017 issue. A hunt to find an accessible, eclectic and warm home began in August and before I went to France in September I knew we had found it. My favorite room in this 1930s cottage was this small nook tucked between the kitchen and formal dining room. The owner built this floating bench, bought the textile in the window at The Dove's Nest and used wood salvaged from a burn pile to line the walls in a sleek black paint. My dream workspace layout. Built-in cabinets fill the corners on the opposite wall and a swinging door. So many other features made this home addictively photographable, but this was the cover shot I waited for. Brent Hughes took the shots, Diane Collard wrote the words, and I basked in the Andersons ingenuity. Being an editor is easy when you have all the elements in front of you. 

I don't know what is going to happen in 2017, I can barely stomach what will take place on Friday, but I know everything will change. It has to. It always does.